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Events with NFTs as tickets

Enter events and meetups with NFTs as your tickets. Attendees verify wallet ownership at home and keep their precious NFTs secure. At the venue, the entrance is just one Enter Pass scan away.


  • The Enter Pass is a universal access key to the tokenized world.
  • Verify ownership of your blockchain wallets only once to get your Pass.
  • Your Enter Pass represents all your wallets and NFTs in them.


  • Attendees can leave their wallets home secure.
  • QR code refreshes every few seconds to ensure strong security
  • NFT tickets are fraud-proof and can be safely resold on the public market.


Build token-gated communities

Token-gate any Discord community or a website in minutes. The Enter Discord Bot is the most secure and convenient way to token-gate an online community. With the Enter Shopify App, you can make sure that only your NFT holders get to buy your sweet merch.


Make mint day
your big day

Avoid bots and gas wars on your NFT mint day. Build allowlists and bot-free raffles for your most engaged community members. Enter makes sure that the right people will get the spot.


Reward loyalty

Powering loyalty for communities and businesses via NFT. Connect your business to NFTs with the Enter APIs with support for the major PoS systems. Tap into NFT communities with web3 loyalty programs.


Build with Enter

Build web3 products effortlessly with the Enter toolbox. Mobile-first SDK for NFT ownership verification. Connect Enter with your products via NFT APIs and webhooks. Token-gate physical spaces (door opening via an API).


Frequently asked questions

Why do I need to connect my wallets?

By connecting your wallets to the Enter app, we can safely verify ownership of your wallets and grant you access to events and utility based on NFTs you own.

What is the Enter Pass?

The Enter Pass is your proof of ownership for all of your wallets and NFTs in them. You can use it to access events, enter online token-gated communities and benefit from in-real-life utility.

Do I need to keep the ticket in my wallet?

Yes. Your ticket needs to be in your wallet to be valid for you. Once you move or sell the NFT, you can no longer benefit from its utility.

Can you help me with the NFT drop?

Yes. With Enter, you can configure and drop your NFT collection without writing a single line of code. It's still your collection and you are in charge. You control the supply, art, metadata and distribution methods. You can use Enter to setup fair distribution with raffles and allowlists, and distribute the collection on your terms.

What if I need something you don't support out of the box?

Don't worry. Enter has an API and Webhooks so you can build anything you can imagine.

Is it secure? Can someone steal my tokens?

It's secure. You verify ownership of your wallets by signing a message, which is a free gas less action. We don't need you to sign any transactions or move your tokens in any way.

The Enter app uses state of the art encryption to protect your Enter Pass. No one can get to your tokens. You only need to sign a message once per wallet.

What if I lost my device, can I recover my Enter Pass?

You can't recover your old Pass, because it exists only on your device, safely encrypted in the keychain. But all your tickets are safe, because they live on the blockchain. You can easily set up a new Enter Pass by connecting your wallets again.

Can I organize events with my existing NFT collection?

Yes. Enter can work with any NFT collection on Ethereum, Polygon or Solana blockchain.

I want to use Enter. Where can I sign up?